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Android Gradle Build Status & Minor Changes

Android Gradle Build Status & Minor Changes

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I’ve been remarkably busy working on issues and documentation so I neglected an important announcement I
had to make. Over the weekend we flipped the default build from gradle back to ant. So effectively if you don’t set
any build hint the behavior will be android.gradle=false which should work fine for most of you. This is temporary but
we felt it was necessary as a stopgap measure.

In other news it seems that fixing the Codename One documentation is like diving into a bottomless pit.
When we started this effort the developer guide was 300 pages it is now approaching 500 pages and we
aren’t close to half way thru…​

This doesn’t even cover all the work we did with refining the JavaDocs and there is a lot of work that needs doing
on that side of the fence.

During this time I’ve made a conscious effort not to do anything significant that isn’t documentation writing but
some code had to go thru. Specifically things related to syntax that needed doing for the developer guide.

CheckBox Toggle Syntax

Up until now we had terse syntax for creating a toggle button for a RadioButton but we didn’t have anything
like that for the CheckBox. So we added a couple of methods:

ButtonGroup Shortcut

Up until now creating a RadioButton required adding it to a ButtonGroup which was tedious.

To solve this we added a varargs
method as well as a varargs constructor.

ComponentGroup enclose

ComponentGroup didn’t have an enclose method which is one of those things that beg for a fix since its the
Container for that sort of API.

So we added two enclose methods:

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