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Adding Google Play Ad's

Adding Google Play Ad's

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We are officially code frozen so only critical bug fixes should be resolved until the actual release. The very last feature to make it in is support for

Google Play Ads

on iOS/Android. We currently only work with the Admob SDK as we move along we might add additional options.

To enable mobile ads just

create an ad unit

in Admob’s website, you should end up with the key similar to this:


To enable this for Android just define


ca-app-pub-8610616152754010/3413603324 in the build arguments and for iOS use the same as in ios.googleAdUnitId. The rest is seamless, the right ad will be created for you at the bottom of the screen and the form should automatically shrink to fit the ad. This shrinking is implemented differently between iOS and Android due to some constraints but the result should be similar and this should work reasonably well with device rotation as well.

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