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Accelerometer & Code Freeze

Accelerometer & Code Freeze

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Devices have sensors such as accelerometer, GPS and up until now our support for them was relatively basic.
Chen recently introduced a cn1lib
that includes support for various types of sensors on the device. Its really simple to use:

SensorsManager sensor = SensorsManager.getSenorsManager(SensorsManager.TYPE_ACCELEROMETER);
if (sensor != null) {
    sensor.registerListener(new SensorListener() {
        public void onSensorChanged(long timeStamp, float x, float y, float z) {
            //do your stuff here...

Check it out if you need access to such features.

Code Freeze

We will be entering code freeze later today which should allow us to gear up towards the 3.0 release of Codename One
in two weeks. All commits will be made against an issue and always with a peer review. Releasing 3.0 will allow
us to improve versioned builds and cleanup our issue tracker. We already cleared more than 100 issues in the past
week in an effort to make this a high quality polished release.

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