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A Thank You & an Important Update On Android Builds

JavaScript build is available for the next year to all current pro subscribers
A Thank You & an Important Update On Android Builds

A Thank You & an Important Update On Android Builds

We'd like to thank all of you who signed up to the pro subscription, the release of 3.3 is the perfect time to do that. So we are opening up the JavaScript build target for 1 year until March 1st 2017 to all current pro subscribers!
If you have a pro subscription you can start sending a JavaScript build right away and experiment with porting your app to the web...
If you don't have a pro license currently then you have until March 15th to upgrade and enjoy this offer. After March 15th the JavaScript port will return to enterprise only status for everyone who didn't signup prior to that.

If you are not familiar with the JavaScript port check out Steve's great writeup on it, you can also try out some of our demos live right now here (using desktop or mobile browsers). Just click the JS Port link at the bottom right section of a demo e.g. restaurant or property cross.
FYI If you cancel the subscription during this time or let it lapse this capability will be lost so make sure to keep it in place.

Memory Issue on Android Builds

With the switch to gradle in Android builds we experienced memory issues for some cases when building huge apps. For some cases ading android.gradle=false to the build hints was enough but for others not so much.

The problem relates to the size of Google Play Services which are an essential part of Android applications but have grown to a size that is pretty big. We need play services for better location tracking, in-app-purchase, push notification, maps etc.
In the past we had the build hint android.includeGPlayServices which tried to be smart about play services but its a bit too coarse as it only accepts true/false.

To alleviate this issue we deprecated the android.includeGPlayServices and are introducing the new build hints below that will allow you to selectively include a play service. This means that future builds to the Codename One build servers can have one of the following 5 states:

  1. android.includeGPlayServices=true & one or more of the android.playService entries defined - this is an illegal state and will cause the build to fail
  2. android.includeGPlayServices=true & no android.playService entries defined - this will fallback to compatibility mode
  3. android.includeGPlayServices=false & no android.playService entries defined - play services won't be included
  4. android.includeGPlayServices undefined & no android.playService entries defined - some play services will be included by default specifically: plus, auth, base, analytics, gcm, location, maps, ads.
  5. android.includeGPlayServices undefined & one or more android.playService entries defined - only the play services you explicitly select will be included.

The last two are a bit confusing so just to clarify if you do this:

The only play service included will be plus. However, if you don't define any build hints specifically the above list of play services will be included. This is a "sensible default mode" that we picked to make the transition easier.

The list of supported hints follows, they all accept true/false as arguments for inclusion/exclusion.
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Posted by Shai Almog

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