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A New Pipeline For Windows Phone

The Windows Phone port is one of our most painful ports, the ...

A New Pipeline For Windows Phone

The Windows Phone port is one of our most painful ports, the platforms is so fragmented, volatile and rigid its remarkably hard to extract a common porting layer that will satisfy our requirements. We've just updated our servers with the 3rd port we did for Windows Phone, its experimental so its off by default, to activate it just use win.newPipeline=true in your build arguments.

As you may recall our first port targeted Windows Phone 7.5 and used XNA which Microsoft killed with Windows Phone 8.
Our second port was
silverlight based and tried to dynamically create a scene-graph structure to match the graphics we are drawing in code, this is a very "imaginative" approach and it worked for most cases but had a lot of issues worst of which was very bad graphics performance and paint artifacts that were very hard to fix.

The third approach takes a very different direction, we effectively create a writeable bitmap object and draw onto a huge int array representing the screen. This means we draw everything. Our initial attempt at this tried to use silverlight for this but this performed very badly, so we ported Pisces to C# and use that to some degree to get basic graphics primitives and image blitting working on the platform. This isn't the best approach in terms of performance but its better than what we have now and might be good enough for now. If this pans out we can always port some of the low level code to direct x using the basic API's we already implemented.

Please try this new port and let us know both here and in the discussion forum how it affects your application.

This was quite a bit of work that took a lot of effort we have a pretty large pipeline of tasks ahead of us both in terms of bug fixes and pending features, so if a particular issue you filed wasn't addressed please bare with us as we work thru the backlog. Its OK to remind us occasionally since things sometimes do fall thru the cracks.

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Posted by Shai Almog

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