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Crisp cn1lib

Include support chat and tracking in your apps
Crisp cn1lib

Crisp cn1lib

Crisp powers the chat button in the bottom right portion of our site. It also handles emails and a host of other great features. One feature we didn’t take advantage of is the mobile app support. To solve that we just issued a new Crisp cn1lib which we integrated into the new versions of our Android and iOS apps.

You can install it yourself using the extension manager and use it with the instructions here.

There is some implementation detail related to the library which I think would be interesting to developers building similar solutions.

Why HTML/JS and Not Native?

When I started the work of porting the library I looked at the Crisp native SDKs for iOS/Android. I even got some code working but as I looked through the actual SDK source code it became apparent that Crisps native SDKs for iOS and Android don’t leverage native functionality. This is perfectly OK as HTML/JS can deliver a fine experience for this type of app.

However, its silly to wrap the native libraries when I can use HTML directly and get greater portability. As a result of that I threw away the code I wrote for the original integration and used the HTML approach. This highlights the importants of reviewing the implementation before we start implementing a cn1lib.

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Posted by Shai Almog

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