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If I had to choose a startup to invest in this year, it would have to be Codename One. […] I expect them to experience significant growth in 2013.

Write once, run everywhere: Codename One brings its mobile app development kit out of beta
– The Next Web
Codename One is the only Java iOS tool that currently comes close to the old “Write once, run anywhere” mantra, and it provides the most coherent development experience. I recommend checking it out if you’re looking for a cross-platform environment for writing mobile apps.

– JavaWorld

Codename One […] stands to drastically change the rate and cost at which developers will churn out new mobile apps.

– Forbes

Codename One is open-source and uses special lightweight technology that eliminates fragmentation and offers developers a platform for mobile application development as easy as desktop development.

– Venturebeat

Codename One is targeting the mobile device application development market with an eye toward establishing technology versatile enough to accommodate the full range of mobile platforms currently delivered through the cloud, as opposed to having separate platforms for iPhones, Android devices and Windows devices. As more players enter the increasingly competitive mobility space, the complexity is expected to increase.
“The Java development/debugging is done entirely locally, but when building for the device, the cloud portion does all the heavy lifting,” says Shai Almog, CEO of Codename One.
– Infoworld

As Americans continue to acquire a wide array of mobile devices, platforms like Codename One will mean big things for startups and individual developers looking for an easy way to jump in on the trend.

There haven’t been many solutions for efficient cross-platform development until now. An Israeli startup, Codename One, is offering the very first software development kit that allows Java developers to create mobile applications for multiple mobile operating systems, using just one code base.

Codename One, which has already attracted hundreds of clients including mobile giants like Vodafone, is a powerful tool for mobile developers worldwide and will play a central role in defragmenting the mobile apps space.
– Business Insider
The company recently released version 1.1 and offers a robust client library for app development, a designer tool (complete with a Java5-based GUI interface, theme designer, editor, etc.), a simulation environment (extremely handy for testing apps in development), and cloud-based services to help get users’ apps to the masses.
– Design News

The software solves complex problems that usually face developers and entrepreneurs trying to hop on the mobile apps trend, helping developers to quickly create and distribute their apps with little headache. The best part? The platform is completely free.

That’s why Codename One has developed open-source software to save developers the time and resources it takes to get their apps launched. The software allows developers to write code for a mobile application only once in Java and have it work across all platforms.

– The Huffington Post

Codename One is a Java-based platform which asks developers to write the code once in either Eclipse or NetBeans, and more importantly, developers need to build all of the different app components from scratch. This allows Codename One to avoid fragmentation issues with any mobile platforms. From there, Codename One translates the code into the native code of each platform, rather than HTML5 which is what other toolkits tend to do. So, on iOS the Java code will be translated into native C/Object C code and compiled using Xcode.

– Phone Arena

The platform’s beta version, which released in July, reached 100,000 downloads this month. So far, it has been used to build more than 1,000 mobile apps in a variety of categories ranging from sports to business and everything in between.
A new, Java-based platform which allows mobile application developers to [create native] mobile apps across multiple platforms with a single code base has been launched, courtesy of two former Sun Microsystems engineers.

– Mobile Enterprise

Codename One wants the open source community to take its relatively new iOS Java VM and run with it.
We say we’ve been working on it for a year, but really we’ve been working on it for about six years or so,” Codename One co-founder Shai Almog told ADTmag.
Developers use Codename One to create all components from scratch, instead of using native widgets, which process aims to avoid fragmentation. The company argues that this approach also supports more accurate desktop simulation of mobile applications.
The tool is Java-based, open source and lightweight. It’s designed to translate Java byte code to C/Objective-C code on the company’s cloud servers, and then to compile the resulting source code to native applications using X-code on cloud-based Mac machines. The result, the company says, is iTunes-compliant applications.

– Application Development Trends

The platform is currently in beta but InfoQ downloaded it and took it for a test drive. It seems pretty far along. To build your code, you point their cloud-based website to your codebase. The code is uploaded and compiled, producing a QR code that you can use to download and install the finished product on your device. Intrigued we interviewed Shai Almog, cofounder and CEO, about their recently announced Windows Phone support and to find out more about the company.
– InfoQ
Codename One, a popular app development environment that allows Java to be used for a variety of platforms, can now also target the Universal Windows Platform. This will allow Java developers to target any device where Windows 10 is installed- whether phone, table or desktop- and raises the number of targetable platforms to eight
– InfoQ
A result of development by Israel-based former Sun Microsystems employees Shai Almog and Chen Fishbein, Codename One is a lightweight tool capable of producing native interfaces and is described as “highly differentiated” from other cross-platform mobile development toolkits, which typically use HTML5 or heavyweight technology

– Dr. Dobbs

Codename One is the first mobile software development kit that allows Java developers to create native mobile applications across multiple mobile operating systems using a single code base.
– WiMo News
While working at Sun, Shai and Chen were forced to work on feature phones, while major companies were already adopting LWUIT for use on smartphones. The pair decided that they could [create] a more powerful, simpler solution compared to anything else on the market if they worked outside of Sun

– Dzone

These set of tools are crucial for many developers, since the option of developing an application once and launching it concurrently on multiple platforms and markets is a huge advantage especially for a newly launched startup.
– Newsgeek (translated)

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CEO, co-founder: Shai Almog
CTO, co-founder: Chen Fishbein
Lead Engineer: Steve Hannah

Codename One was founded by ex-Sun/Oracle mobile developers based on an open source project started back in 2007 within Sun Microsystems. The core vision of Codename One is to actualize the WORA (Write Once Run Anywhere) mantra of Java in the age of mobile devices. To enable that vision Codename One created a one of a kind industry leading set of tools that allow Java developers to build native mobile OS applications with a single code base.

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