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How to Integrate Facebook Login with Codename One

How to Integrate Facebook Login with Codename One

Facebook Login

This tutorial covers how to add facebook connect to your CN1 app

Codename One supports facebook Oauth2 login and facebook single sign on for iOS and Android

To get started first you will need to create a facebook app on the facebook developer portal

Your facebook app should have 3 platforms added on the Settings tab:Website, iOS and Android

Android Settings:

  • Enter app package name in the “Google Play Package Name”.
  • Enter the CN1 activity name in the class name, which is: full class name + “Stub”.
  • Enter your app key hash: use your app release certificate and do the following in your command tool:
    keytool -exportcert -alias (your_keystore_alias) -keystore (path_to_your_keystore) | openssl sha1 -binary | openssl base64
    This will print out the key hash of your app, copy it and place it in the facebook settings for android.
iOS Settings:

  • Enter app package name in the “Bundle ID”.
  • Enter the iPhone Store ID, once you know it.

The settings page should look like this:

In your CodenameOne app do the following:
Add facebook.appId build hint to your project properties
and in your code do the following:

                //use your own facebook app identifiers here   
                //These are used for the Oauth2 web login process on the Simulator.
                String clientId = "1171134366245722";
                String redirectURI = "";
                String clientSecret = "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX";
                Login fb = FacebookConnect.getInstance();
                //Sets a LoginCallback listener
                //trigger the login if not already logged in
                    //get the token and now you can query the facebook API
                    String token = fb.getAccessToken().getToken();