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Executive Overview

Executive Overview

Codename One is a one of a kind solution that allows you to rapidly get your products onto the market and easily maintain them on all platforms. It is a powerful open source solution that allows your development team to leverage their Java skills when targeting all platforms including iPhone/iPad.

Developers can quickly deliver complex solutions making use of native device features and can access native code from their Java code to allow access to every device feature. Some of the end user feature highlights used by Codename One developers include:

The main benefit of Codename One development is in shortened development cycles, easy maintenance costs and developer training.

Build & Cloud Server Power

Codename One has a unique build server architecture that allows building native apps for iPhone without requiring a Mac and for Windows Phone without requiring a Windows machine. All of the setup of complex tools and installations is alleviated thanks to the build server.

The Codename One Cloud services simplify the process of development further by making some functionality such as object cloud storage completely seamless and infinitely scalable. It allows push notification to work on all devices with a considerably simpler setup than any other option out there.