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Calculator and calendar within a tab UI

Chrome was one of the early Codename One demos during the era of iOS 4.x. Back then it featured a chrome like brushed metal interface that looked modern. However, it didn’t age well. It is based on a native iOS demo licensed from app design vault.
We tried to modernize the look of Chrome but it is not the best looking or most functional demo there is. We still think it features a unique look and the calculator portion of the demo alone is remarkably valuable!
The original demo was written using the old Codename One GUI builder, whereas this one was converted to Java 8 syntax and uses the new GUI builder. We also replaced builtin icons where possible with material design font icons and flattened as much of the UI as possible.

Notice that the JavaScript HTML5 demo is not what we have on the device where applications are translated to native code!
Since Apple doesn’t allow demos on itunes and doesn’t allow installing apps without itunes we can’t distribute the native app demos, you would need to build from source with an itunes demo account.