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Corporate Server

Corporate Server

On-site installation of the Codename One cloud for large corporate/government entities.

Important: After much deliberation with corporate customers we are discontinuing the corporate
server in favor of a more dynamic option for offline build. If you require offline builds please
use the contact us form to contact sales and we will follow up
with details on our upcoming offering.
We intend to launch a beta preview of this new offering in Q4 2016 for early adopters.

A corporate sever allows companies to install a private Codename One build cloud within their company,
this means that Codename One builds will be performed on the local network and not in the cloud. The corporate
server is completely isolated and never contacts Codename One, the same is true for applications created by the corporate
server which now rely on it to perform push and other tasks. The Codename One build server requires a complex installation
involving a minimum of 4 machines that can’t be fully virtualized, it is a task for a trained system administrator. To get a sense
of the complexity involved see the corporate server install guide here:

Download Install GuidePDF instructions for installing the corporate server

Since the server is hosted within the organization Codename One places no limitations on the number of developers using the server, however
Codename One developer support must be purchased separately since there is no way for Codename One to properly price support incidents
for such cases.

If you are interested in purchasing a cloud server please contact us using the form below, payment for the corporate server is performed via SWIFT
transfer. Pricing is comprised of the following pieces:

Base Corporate Server Cost

  • Build cloud server software
  • Partial cloud services software (see details below)
  • Installation support (doesn’t include individual developer support)
  • Single company location install (can be used by multiple teams within the company)

Starts at

Developer Support Seat

  • E-mail support
  • Office Hours – Phone support
  • Access to cloud servers at enterprise grade if applicable
  • Issue escalation & feature requests

Per developer

Enterprise vs. Corporate Server

The two products are very different from one another. Enterprise subscription still uses the Codename One build cloud
and is a managed SaaS solution whereas the corporate server is a traditional offline software installation that uses
an internal cloud.

If you have the ability, we recommend that you go with the enterprise license which is both cheaper, more flexible and
easier to work with by a very large margin. However, if you are in a highly regulated/restricted field that doesn’t allow
for such a product you need to be aware of the differences between enterprise and corporate servers. Some features
were removed from the corporate server to make the offline install simpler. See the table below:

  Enterprise Corporate
On-Site Private Cloud
Cloud Storage
Live Preview

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