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CN1 Academy Affiliate Program

CN1 Academy Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

Make money and advocate Java

With the Codename One affiliate program you can make money just by advocating
Codename One’s
online courses
. Every time someone purchases a course based on your referral you will get paid. This
affiliate program is managed independently by Teachable thus it guarantees no conflict of interest.

How does it Work?

When accepted you will receive a link to the Codename One Academy containing an additional affiliate
id parameter. Every user who signs up with this link is associated with you for 365 days!
Notice that 365 days is exceptionally high for an affiliate deal as most such deals expire after 90 days or less…
If the system recognizes that this user made a purchase you will get 25% of the value of the purchase
as it is paid out. Notice that this can take up to 60 days due to the way payments and refunds are processed.
This is a great system for passive income that requires very little work on your behalf and can be combined
with your normal social network activity.

What if two affiliate links are clicked?

Teachable policy dictates that the “last touch” wins. That means the last referrer takes the money. That’s
their policy and it might change as we have no control over that.

Are there restrictions?

Don’t spam!
Your affiliate status can be revoked for spamming, illegal or deceitful practices. In the past Udemy used
affiliate marketing in a way that resulted in a ban of their site from reddit. So please be very careful with
the way you promote this.

How should I promote this?

Are you a member of a Java group or socially active in a specific group?
If so you can share the affiliate link. Be honest. Don’t try to “sell”.
You can ask people if they are familiar with Codename One and familiar with the course. Start a conversation
not a sales pitch.

OK, How do I begin?

Signup to Codename One Academy (you don’t have to pay)
then use the chat button in the bottom right portion of the screen and let our assistant know you are interested
in joining the affiliate program. You will need to provide us with the email you used for signup in the academy.
Once you are added a new “Admin” menu item will open up in the academy where you should be able to follow
up on the status of your affiliate deal. Our assistant will provide you with an affiliate URL you can use.