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Consulting Services

Building a mobile app is a difficult, let us help you with this process...

Proof of Concept

We can build a prototype to prove that Codename One can answer your project requirements. This is the fastest way to jumpstart Codename One development and can be used to transition into an in-house development.

Custom Theme/Design Integration

Adapting a PSD or designer sketches to an application that will work properly across all devices/DPI's is challenging. We can help with this process and allow your developers to focus on coding the application.

Client Side Development

You have your backend and your server side developers, but don't have enough resources to build the client. Our developers can work together with your team and build you the client side of your App.

Full App Development

If you don't currently have a mobile development team this is probably the option for you, we still provide the full source code so you can transition to an in-house development team as your mobile business grows.

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