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Basic information about Codename One
How Are We Different?
Our Process
Our technology is the most portable, easiest & most complete cross mobile development solution. It achieves this by building from the ground up all the different pieces to create a single coherent mobile development, design, deployment & provisioning environment.

By gaining control over all the stages in the development, we can simplify & unify the complex and varied problems that differentiate platforms. We can thus combine these insights together with platform specific semantics to bring forward the best of each platform and enable an application to shine like any other native application.
You can use Java for iPhone, Java for iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone development seamlessly.

The Codename One SDK (Software Developer Kit) contains IDE plugins, our visual design tool, simulators for phones/tablets, our documentation/API and implementations for multiple platforms. Included in the SDK are simulators and build environment for iOS (java for iPhone/java for iPad), Android, Blackberry (RIM) and others (Windows Phone 7 Coming SOON!).

Our development kit and all the tools within it are Open Source and completely free for use both commercial and otherwise. Download our tools today and take them for a spin!

Get started by following these easy steps:
Design your application using our advanced GUI tools or code it manually.
Write your Java(tm) based application logic.
Test & debug your application on the desktop using industry standard IDE's and our fast device simulator.
Use our tools to create native applications for all mobile phones and tablets.
Sell your application in the vendor app stores. You get a no-royalties unrestricted native application to use and distribute as you please!