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Free, Open-Source & Cross-Platform

UberEats Clone

A full-featured cross-platform food delivery app template in Java/Kotlin
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Light/Dark Mode
Onboarding screens
Register & Sign In
Restaurant Categories
Promo Code
Order Tracking
Optimized for iOS & Android
Fully customizable codebase
Highly-modularized code



Grub UberEats clone is a simple food delivery app template that works on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Web thanks to Codename One. It’s written using the CodeRAD framework to facilitate clean MVC separation between the view and the logic. At this time it’s only the UI portion, if there’s demand we can add additional capabilities.

Grub UberEats clone is a standard Maven project. You can open it in any IDE that supports Maven (we recommend IntelliJ/IDEA). You can run it in the simulator right from the IDE. Check out getting started for more on working with a Codename One project and building for multiple devices.

The UberEats UI kit includes login, signup, menu, delivery, payment, forms etc. They all map to stub implementations of the logic.

CodeRAD - Features

All platforms supported by Codename One which is: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Web.

The project is written in Java but can be easily converted to Kotlin which is supported as well. Mixing Kotlin and Java in Codename One is possible.

Yes. It’s 100% free for commercial use. No credit required although we would appreciate credit and your support in promoting this project and Codename One itself.

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Grub - UberEats Clone

Open-source, Cross-platform & Free UberEats UI Clone app template for Java & Kotlin developers to instantly build a food delivery app like UberEats, Foodpanda, GrubHub etc.