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Chat App UI Kit

A full-featured cross-platform chat app UI template in Java/Kotlin

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Chat App UI Kit


100% free, no strings attached, no licensing or any other cost!

Provides nice Chat room view out of the box.

User avatar support.

Use provided view models or bind to your own view models.

Many modern chat apps leverage the WebRTC standard as the underlying protocol for rich communications. Unfortunately the implementations of this protocol are fragmented across platforms and across browsers. With the free WebRTC wrappers we alleviate many of the platform specific pains of WebRTC for iOS, Android, Web and Desktop. This lets you write the WebRTC code in Java and debug on the simulator easily.

Add your own custom actions.

Nice UI animations when messages are added or removed, or to indicate when other users are typing..

Add badges (e.g. Like, or Thumbs up) to chat messages.

RADChatApp - Logo

RADChat - Chat App UI Kit

Open-source, Cross-platform & Free Chat App UI Kit for Java & Kotlin developers to instantly build and customize a chat app UI or clone UI of social chat apps like WhatsApp, Twitter or Messenger etc.