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Google App Bundle Support - Codename One
Android App Bundle Support

We have added Android App Bundle support which will become the required format for submitting apps to Google Play.

Moving to Xcode 12
Moving to Xcode 12

Apple updated their requirements for App Store submissions so new apps must be built with Xcode 12. As a result we’ve updated our build servers to the latest Xcode 12.4 release.

Building Codename One From Source – Maven Edition
Building Codename One From Source – Maven Edition

Learn how to build Codename One from source and use this “local” version in your Codename One projects.

Publishing Codename One Libraries on Maven Central
Publishing Codename One Libraries on Maven Central

One of the cool things about Maven is Maven Central – the repository that contains every version of every Java library (that has been published on Maven central at least). Once your library is published, it can be used by other projects by copying and pasting an XML snippet into their pom.xml file. In this article, I describe how to publish your Codename One libraries to Maven central so that app developers can use them in their projects.

Migrating Your Project to Maven - Codename One
Migrating Your Project to Maven

As you may know, we are moving to Maven for our build tool. As part of this transition, we are moving towards a single Maven project structure, and away from separate structures for each IDE. This will be easier to maintain, and will also make it easier to collaborate on projects with other developers who use a different IDE (or no IDE at all).

Maven Project Structure - Codename One
Maven Project Structure

As a follow-up to our recent announcement about transitioning to Maven, this post provides an overview of the new project structure.

Now You Can Build Android and iOS Apps Locally
You Can Now Build Android & iOS Apps Locally

Due to popular demand, we are officially providing local build support for iOS, Android and cross-platform JavaSE Desktop apps. No build server or Codename One account required.

Moving to Maven - Codename One
Moving to Maven

Codename One is migrating to Maven. This will simplify some aspects of our build process and update/dependency management.

Data Processing in Codename One apps
Data Processing in Codename One apps

The following recipes relate to data processing and conversion in Codename One apps. This includes parsing data like JSON, HTML and XML.

Customizing Themes Of Codename One Apps

Recipes to customize the look and feel of Codename One apps using Themes, CSS, Styles, etc.

Codename One 7.0 - Video
Introducing Codename One 7.0 (AKA Video)

We’re thrilled to announce the immediate availability of Codename One 7.0 (AKA Video). This has been our most challenging release to date. We constantly shifted the release date due to constantly shifting requirements and pivotal changes. Highlights of this Release Here are the highlights of Codename One 7.0 WebRTC Support This is probably one of

Codename One 7.0 - Video
Code Freeze for Codename One 7.0

At long last we’re entering code freeze for Codename One 7.0. This release cycle has been longer than it should have been because of many detours along the way.