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Gorgeous native mobile app development with Java for iPhone, Android etc....

BuildWrite code in Java(tm) using Eclipse, NetBeans or IntelliJ/IDEA

TestVerify your app with our simulator, devices & test automation tools

DeployGenerate native binaries for all device types using the Codename One build cloud

180M Deployed Apps

40K Developers

1M Cloud Builds


Chidiebere Okwudire
Chidiebere Okwudire SMash ICT Solutions/Senior Engineer at Sioux, Netherlands

"Affordable cross-platform toolchain that works!"

Easy extension with third-party libraries, active developer support and attractive pricing...

Ram Nathaniel
Ram Nathaniel CEO & Founder of MathUnderground, Israel

"Over 2 million active installations"

[A] mature, solid & reliable platform. It allows you to concentrate [on] developing your app, not platform specific implementations...

Fabrício Cabeça
Fabrício Cabeça Senior Developer at Pmovil, Brazil

"Going from design to working app is a breeze"

Codename One greatly reduced our development time and costs, while giving us the ability to deliver a custom experience in each platform when needed.

Ali Sayed
Ali Sayed Senior Developer, Egypt

"The best cross platform app development tool"

Its native access allowed us to add functionalities without limiting developers to platform capabilities.

Fabrizio Grassi
Fabrizio Grassi Chemetall, Italy

"a true write once run anywhere solution!"

Codename One has proven to be a productive tool for us - a true write once run anywhere solution!

Rex Green
Rex Green Vision24, South Africa

"Fast & efficient"

Fast & efficient way to eliminate the hassle of targeting multiple platforms without resorting to HTML5!

Hélio Rugani
Hélio Rugani Sócio Proprietário, Brazil

"Simply a great framework!"

[We had] some non conventional requirements & Codename One gave us good answers for all the challenges that we faced during app development.

Gareth Murfin
Gareth Murfin Developer, Taiwan

"I utilize my Java knowledge to deliver native apps"

I can deliver native apps for both platforms from a single codebase in half the time, at half the cost, with no need to hire anyone.

 Lucky Oscar Masango
Lucky Oscar Masango CTO at BOi Global Group, South Africa

"I would advise to all developers to try it out today!"

[It] has given us the ability to develop apps for all mobile platforms [quickly] & at a low cost. [It's] the most innovative tool of this generation...

One of a kind set of features

Codename One makes cross platform development simple, seamless and maintainable

High DPI Support

Layout managers, multi-images, 9-piece borders and dozens of features designed to dynamically adapt your UI to all resolutions/densities.

Builtin Common Controls

Side menus, swipe containers, pull to refresh, infinite scroll and many other patterns are builtin

Full access to native

When you need to integrate with native features you can invoke Objective-C/Dalvik code thru native interfaces while maintaining portability!

Works with All IDE's!

NetBean, Eclipse & IntelliJ are fully supported

High Performance

Codename One is native to Android and generates native C code for iOS. It's as if you coded the app in C by hand.

GUI Builder/Fast Simulator

Apps can be hand coded or built with drag and drop, the Codename One device simulator is remarkably fast for short development cycles

Desktop & JavaScript targets

You can build a desktop Mac/Windows app as well as a JavaScript app that can run in the browser

Open Source

Codename One is completely open source and has a vibrant developer community.

Highly Extensible

3rd parties can build extensions (libraries/plugins) & add them right into Codename One. These extensions can include native OS code for full system access. Check out some of the available extensions here.

Get started right away!

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Latest Posts From Our Blog

TIP: Select Table Row

TIP: Select Table Row

Before we go into the tip I'd like to start with an apology to all the people I didn't get back to. Earlier today I sent an email asking for help with the upcoming Codename One bootcamp. The anticipation and resulting email flood took me totally off-guard as I expected a couple of dozen responses in the best case scenario and got much more...
I started answering as fast as I could and getting back to people I already answered in the back and forth but quickly this became untenable and I'm seeing my backlog pile growing. Chen and others around here tried to help but I prefer to do this personally as I'd like the feedback to sink into my brain not as an afterthought as it is very valuable!

Questions of the Week 44

Questions of the Week 44

This weeks release adds support for JavaScript push but I'd recommend you don't use it in production yet... The main issue is that we might change the way JavaScript push keys are generated so it might be better to put this on hold or only experiment with this for now. Regardless it's a pretty big change to the push server so we have the old version standing by and might revert it if things get hairy.

Security Section

Security Section

We've had a lot of security related posts in the past few months as we refined many edge cases with some customers. These posts are difficult to comb thru as they are all over the place and it's hard to get a glance of "what's available".

Push on JavaScript

Push on JavaScript

Up until now push notification in Codename One only worked for Android & iOS devices. This is about to change this weekend when the JavaScript port should (almost) seamlessly start working with push!
This is pretty cool as push to the web is a pain with every browser taking a somewhat different route but with Codename One this will "mostly" work.

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