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How Do I - Use Crash protection? Get device logs?

Track down issues that occur on the device or in production using these tools


Warning: do not use the crash_protect=true flag with the new iOS VM or in production!
That flag provides no value for the new VM which already offers better stack traces builtin.


Crash reporting is one of the most useful pro user features (other than email support), it allows you to send logs from the device and potentially get stack traces from iOS code.
Crash reporting is really two or three different features, the first is the ability to send a log directly to your developer email. By using Log.sendLog() you will receive an email containing the crash log.
You can bind crash log sending to exceptions on the event dispatch thread which will automatically send you emails on errors, this is something very useful which you can leave for a production application.
You can also use the DefaultCrashReporter which will automatically send error messages for exceptions and possibly send logs every few minutes. This is useful during the debugging stages where you might want to track application logs on a device.
You will notice that crashes on iOS, J2ME & Blackberry don't include stack traces for exceptions. To circumvent this we have a special build flag for pro users, just define crash_protect=true in the build arguments and send a build. WARNING this will SIGNIFICANTLY slow down your application so make sure to disable it when you are done debugging. This is also not as reliable as the standard stack trace and might produce misleading results.


Versioning is a pro feature that allows you to build against a point release of Codename One

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Push Notification

Push is a pro feature that allows you to send portable push notification messages to devices

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Desktop Apps

Desktop app build target is yet another pro only feature that allows you to build "native" desktop bundles

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