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How Do I - Preview My Designs On The Device Using Codename One LIVE!

Codename One LIVE! allows you to see your design on the device as you drag and drop the elements in the GUI builder


Codename One LIVE! Is a pro user feature that can simplify your design process significantly!
You can install Codename One LIVE! on your device by going to the LIVE tab in your pro account. This tab will only appear in pro accounts. Notice that since LIVE isn't availble on iTunes you will need a jailbroken device to install it on iOS.
For the purposes of this demo I'm using the Codename One simulator Window, this will work exactly the same on a real device.
I can see all my builds right in the application and I can install them by clicking this icon right here.
As I open resources in the Codename One Designer they automatically mirror themselves into the running device. For this to perform well its recommended that your workstation and phone share the same WiFi. I can now make changes to the UI, save and new UI is instantly reflected in LIVE.
I can long tap to quit the live preview then I can pick a different UI element, this is very useful to see how things appear on the device. Notice that True Type Fonts can't be mirrored via LIVE!

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