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How Do I - Positioning Components Using Layout Managers

Determine where components are placed especially when dealing with varied screen sizes/orientations


  1. The default layout in Codename One is the FlowLayout
  2. Flow Layout - places components using their preferred size and breaks lines. Relatively simplistic and doesn't break lines properly.
  3. Box Layout X/Y - places components in a column/row giving the preferred size on the inverse axis and stretching them on the main axis. X version doesn't break lines and better aligns than flow layout.
  4. Grid Layout - Places components in an even grid where all the elements have an even size.
  5. Table Layout - Places components in a table with constraints for row/column spanning etc.
  6. Border Layout - Places components in one of 5 positions, one of the 4 borders or the center. Supports absolute center mode where the center component isn't stretched.

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