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How Do I - Get repeatable builds? Build against a consistent version of Codename One? Use The Versioning feature?

Versioning allows us to build against a point release and get stability/consistency over time


Versioning in Codename One allows you to send a build to a specific version of Codename One, this is important since a server update might introduce a bug that you don't expect.
This feature is limited to pro users, to use it right click the project and select properties. Make sure you logged in using your pro account with this login button. Now you should be able to select one of the previously released Codename One versions.
All builds you send from this project will be fixed for that version and can only use functionality available in that version. However, issues introduced to the trunk should not affect your builds.

Crash Protection

Crash protection is another pro feature that allows you to get logs from the devices when an error occurs

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Push Notification

Push is a pro feature that allows you to send portable push notification messages to devices

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Desktop Apps

Desktop app build target is yet another pro only feature that allows you to build "native" desktop bundles

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