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How Do I - Create A Desktop Application With Codename One?

Pro Feature - "native" desktop app target allows you to support users on PC's/Macs


Codename One now allows you to create desktop apps from your existing Codename One project. Please notice that this is a pro only feature and that it will produce applications that look like a tablet application rather than a typical desktop application.
Creating a desktop app couldn't be simpler, just right click the project and select build for Mac OS desktop or Windows desktop and after a while the build will be complete. If you are working with an older project you will need to edit the project properties and click OK to update your build XML. Notice that building desktop apps takes longer than typical builds due to the size of the resulting app.
The Mac install experience provides a DMG file, when opening the file you are presented with a typical Mac install experience where you are expected to drag the app icon into the applications directory. Once the file is copied you can launch it from the applications directory like any other desktop app.
The Windows install experience provides either an executable installer or an msi file but defaults to the exe. The installer just installs the app then launches it, typical uninstall scripts and associations are automatically generated. Notice that in both cases the Java runtime environment is embedded into the app to avoid platform issues.
I hope you found this tutorial useful, thanks for watching


The original post announcing this feature in the Codename One blog

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Web App

Enterprise developers will also be able to build JavaScript based webapps from their existing Codename One projects

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The discussion forum is your place to get help from the community, if anything doesn't work as expected or isn't clear please let us know.

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