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Developing In Codename One

The first steps, guides, tutorials and resources you need.

Documentation & Demo Source Code

The Codename One Tutorials & Courses

Hello World Tutorial

Shows off how to create a simple hello world application and work with the Codename One plugin to produce a simple hello world application that works on all devices and looks native to all devices.

Learn Mobile Programming By Example With Codename One Course On Udemy

Shows off two simple hand coded Codename One applications and walks you thru the code. This course is designed to help you understand how to write more elaborate applications in Codename One.

Build Mobile iOS Apps In Java Using Codename One Course On Udemy

Walks thru the process of building a client server application in Codename One that allows sharing photos over a webservice/webserver.

Themeing tutorial

Covers the concepts of changing the look and feel and inheriting the theme of the system Codename One is running on top of.

Performance & Network Monitors

A quick walkthru tutorial covering the performance monitoring and network monitor tools that are a part of the Codename One simulator.

Code Signing Tutorial

Covers the basics of signing for multiple device platforms, this is probably the hardest part of developing to multiple devices. We hope to simplify this further with future iterations of Codename One.


the analytics API allows integration with tools such as Google Analytics to provide deep insight into the usage of the application in the field.


Covers parsing of CSV, JSON & XML files within the Codename One API.

PSD to App

Converting a Beautiful Design into a Native Mobile App.

Native Integrations

How to integrate 3rd party SDK's into a CN1 App.

Facebook Login

Covers how to add facebook connect to your CN1 App

Google+ Login

Covers how to add Google+ connect to your CN1 App