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Codename One Designer

Codename One Designer

The Codename One Designer allows developers and visual artists to create mobile applications using drag and drop visual tools featuring live preview of changes within the tool and on devices!

Codename One Designer includes the following features:

  • GUI Builder - drag and drop GUI builder featuring layout managers to arrange components in locations intelligently
  • Theme Creator - A visual environment that allows customizing themes for the Codename One platform
  • Image management - Allows handling images for the Codename One platform including PNG/SVG as well as smart image formats for multi-DPI support
  • Seamless Localization

The Codename One Designer GUI builder environment integrates seamlessly with the IDE Plugin to provide seamless UI construction and backend logic. However, the Codename One Designer does not require coding and can be used independently by novices without experience in software development. Some effort is required in order to truly understand the capabilities/mindset of this tool.